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Cleaning and Prevention

The best way to preserve that beautiful smile is to prevent dental problems with regular check ups. Our dental hygienists are highly trained to provide you with the best care available.  You can expect to have a thorough examination by the dentist and hygienist. A custom plan will be made to specifically address all of your dental needs. Here is what to expect at your visit:

Dental Cleaning – the removal of both hardened plaque (tartar) and loose plaque(food debris). We use specialized tools to help remove this substance and will be able to effectively rid your mouth of harmful bacteria. The bacteria found in plaque will cause gingivitis and periodontal disease with prolonged exposure. This bacteria has also been directly linked to heart disease!

Digital X-rays – We use the most up to date technology with digital x-rays. These x-rays are taken with digital sensors and reduce radiation exposure 80-90% compared to film based x-rays. These images are transmitted electronically to our computer for a clear digital image. X-rays are used to assist in detecting decay, bone loss, tumors and other internal abnormalities within a tooth that we otherwise would not be able to see.

Dental Exam –You will receive a detailed examination by the dentist. This will include a close inspection of your x-rays. Special tools will be used to check existing restorations and all surfaces of your teeth for decay. Your gum tissue will also be evaluated for signs of gum disease or bone loss.

Periodontal Probing– Periodontal probing is performed on a yearly basis. This allows us to measure the depth a periodontal pocket that forms naturally around your tooth. A deep pocket is an indication of periodontal disease. This can lead to bone loss and eventually the loss of teeth. It is very important to maintain a healthy pocket and your hygienist will give you the proper instructions on how to achieve this.

Oral Cancer Screening – an intraoral examination of your gum tissue, tongue and palate(roof of mouth) will be performed to check for any signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers and it is important to be screened regularly for early detection.

Polishing– At the end of your cleaning your teeth will be polished with a special paste to remove light surface stains and any plaque that wasn’t removed during scaling.

Flouride– flouride is all natural. It provides many benefits. It protects teeth from cavites and can also remineralize weakened areas by protecting the tooth from acids and bacteria. Your hygienist will discuss these benefits with you.